In a continuing effort to ensure that CPW players have access to the most current safety technology and equipment, we will continue to offer the reduced cost of tackle football registration and will require participants to purchase their own helmets and shoulder pads.  For those who have helmets that are two years old those helmets need to be reconditioned before Summer.  Please contact the league ASAP.

The helmets and shoulder pads will be yours to keep and can be used for future seasons.

 Helmet Design


New Reversible Jerseys

Coming Soon

  • Purple metallic

  • White "C" logo

  • Same as CHS

Registration is $400 from 4/1/21 till 5/1/2021 

In Person Registration and Helmet Reconditioning (required if 2019 or older certification sticker) Drop Off 

Date Time Location TBD

In-Person Registration TBD


No Refunds after 5/1/2021

Age-Based Divisions (no weight restrictions)

A child's age on July 31st is her/his age for the season

Mitey Mite (Ages 7, 8 & 9) - Weight 45lbs-100lbs 

10U (Ages 8 -10) - No weight restrictions

12U (Ages 11 & 12) - No weight restrictions

14U (Ages 13 & 14) - No weight restrictions


What is included with your registration fee?

  • Game Jersey 

  • Practice Jersey

  • Game pants   

What is NOT included with your registration fee!

  • Helmet with face mask & chinstrap

  • Shoulder pads

  • Mouthpiece

  • Compression 7 pad Girdle

  • Shorts

  • Socks

  • Cleats

If your player already has their own helmet:
  • Purchased or Reconditioned in 2021: You are good for 2021

  • Purchased or Reconditioned prior to 2020: Helmet requires recertification


Reconditioning Helmets:

If you bring your helmet to CPW Registration on TBD, CPW will send a bulk shipment to Riddell for reconditioning, painting, face mask replacement. The reconditioning fee is $50 per helmet with the one-time bulk pricing if done at the early registration.  If any replacements parts are needed there will be an additional charge.  If you have any questions please ask the Riddell Rep at helmet drop off.   


If you do not drop off your privately owned helmet by the TBD registration, you will be responsible for contacting Riddell Customer Service for individual sales to have the helmet reconditioned, painted, etc at a cost of roughly $150.

Call 1-888-681-1717 option #2 for details.

Helmet and shoulder pads

The Riddell rep will be at the in person registrations

to fit your player for his helmet and shoulder pads.

There is no make up days for in person registrations!

You will be able to purchase your chosen equipment during the in person registration at the special CPW rates listed here. 

Riddell Helmets will be available to purchase for $125-$400

Riddell Shoulder Pads $50-$200 plus tax



2021 Registration Information

CPW will provide online registration and online payment processing.  If you have questions about this system, please click here for more information. 

What do I need to bring with me to the in person registration?

Both the child and a parent or guardian must be present at registration All returning players MUST bring their helmet and shoulder pads to registration for verification. 

We will be updating the website with the new 2021 CPW Forms.


We accept cash, check, & Venmo

If you wish to apply for a scholarship (financial aid), please fill out the
Scholarship Application.  Applications are due April 1st.  

If you have more questions, visit our FAQ (frequently asked questions) page.


Practices will be 5 days per week starting the 1st week of August.  Once games start towards the end of August/early September, practices will be 3 days per week with games on Saturdays. 




If you are new to Pop Warner, you will come to recognize that we are completely run by volunteers.  Every family gets involved to support this organization and make it a success. Volunteer effort from every family is expected and is necessary to make this a successful program.  Please understand that minimum requirements will be asked of you as a parent with Pop Warner.  If you have any specific talents or desires, please offer them up to the league.  You are needed and are a very important aspect of this organization!


If you have a complaint or things are not being done in the way you feel they should be, recognize that it is all parents just

like you, doing their best for our kids.  You may have something the league needs to improve itself, so don’t hesitate to offer up your services to the league. Never forget. This is a volunteer organization, and you will get out of the program what you are willing to put into it.



If you have questions or concerns throughout the season, please contact your

Player's Rep