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Flag Registration

$150 til July 1st

What's included with registration fee?

  • Game Jersey ( players to keep after season)


  • What is NOT included with registration fee!

  • Flags ( must be returned at the end of the season)

  • Cleats

  • Shorts

  • Mouthpieces

  • Socks



2021 Registration Information

CPW utilizes Blue Sombrero for registration and online payment processing.  If you have questions about this system, please click here for more information. 

What do I need to bring with me to the in person registration?

Both the child and a parent or guardian must be present at registration.


We accept cash, check or Venmo

If you have more questions, visit our FAQ page.



Here is a little information to help you understand what you are about to embark upon with your child.  Flag is an introductive level.  It's purpose is teach football to beginners. Children ages 5, 6

and 7 will be competing.  CPW is part of the Palomar Conference and we compete against other local teams.  Flag has an eight game schedule, plus a "Flag Fest" game at the conclusion of the season. Flag is considered a non-competitive level; this is a learning level where the key is to

have fun while learning the game of football.  Fundamentals will be taught so your child can feel

a sense of success as the fun happens.  Football is a team sport and this is the level where we

start to teach working together.  This may be your child's first experience as being part of a team.  Our goal is that your child appreciates the experience, so he/she will want to return to play again with us next season.




Your head coach will run your team.  He is also a parent volunteering his/her time just as you.  It takes anywhere from 10 - 20 hours per week to be a head coach.  Please be supportive of their willingness to jump in and volunteer at this level.  It is a learning experience for everyone joining Pop Warner for the first time, and your support will be needed to make this a successful season.  Only qualified personnel with Palomar Conference ID Badges will be allowed with your children at any time during practice or games.  We take their safety very seriously.  Your head coach and staff will have all had to pass an extensive personal background investigation before they are allowed interaction on the field with your child.


Please note:  Kids at this age tend to chew up their mouthpieces. They will need to have extras on hand which will be available for purchase at the snack bar.  If their mouthpiece becomes unstable (corners chewed off, holes, etc.) they will not be allowed to play with it.  It is up to you to keep their teeth properly protected. Be sure you follow the instructions on forming the mouthpiece properly to their teeth. They are not ready to wear straight out of the package. This is a common mistake that can be painful to the child and start them on the bad habit of chewing.




Each practice will consist of warming up, conditioning and learning the basics of football.

Practices begin on August 1st.  Your team's practice schedule will be determined by your head coach. Practices are limited to four days per week, not to exceed 2 hours duration when school is not in session. Practices are limited to three days per week, not to exceed 1-1/2 hours duration while school is in session. 2 scrimmages are allowed prior to the season beginning and are at

the discretion of the Head Coach. It is important for your child to come prepared with water,

proper shoes, and a properly formed mouthpiece. 


At this level, it is encouraged to have a parent remain at the field during practice.  Please be sure

if you drop your son/daughter off, that you physically place him/her in the care of a coach.

Do not just drop them at the field to find their team. All children will need to be picked up by a parent; they will not be allowed to walk to the parking lots.  Parents need to put their trust in the coaching staff. If you remain at the field, please don't sideline coach, coddle or correct your child when they are working with their coaches. Parents should remain off the practice field at all times. Parents set the tone for their children. If you see something that concerns you, or if you have a complaint, do not address it on the field. Contact your coach by phone. Set the standard for teamwork by being a team player with your coaching staff and the CPW code of conduct.




If you are new to Pop Warner, you will come to recognize that we are completely run by Volunteers.  Every family gets involved to support this organization and make it a success. Volunteer effort from every family is expected and is necessary to make this a successful program. Watching these kids succeed is due in part by the efforts of each of us.  Please understand that minimum requirements will be asked of you as a parent with Pop Warner.  If you have any specific talents or desires, please offer them up to the league.  You are needed and a very important aspect of this organization!


At the Flag level, since the teams are approximately half as large as the tackle teams, parents will
be required to volunteer more hours than a typical tackle team. Also, if you have a complaint or things are not being done in the way you feel they should be, recognize that it is all parents just

like you, doing their best for our kids.  You may have something the league needs to improve itself, so don’t hesitate to offer up your services to the league. Never forget. This is a volunteer organization, and you will get out of the program what you are willing to put into it.



If you have questions or concerns through the season, please contact your

Flag Football Commissioner

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