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Football is a “community” sport. It needs the involvement of all player's families. Even if you aren't a football expert, there are numerous opportunities to help. We ask that each family take on some volunteer responsibility throughout the season.

Team Parent

Manages team communications along with business manager, coordinates game day volunteers, plans team party, assists players on the field during games. 

Business Manager

Coordinates and manages all business aspects of the team. Maintains “THE BOOK” (all required player and team documentation), checks players in on game day, and ensures Minimum Play forms are properly completed at games. Assists players on the field during games. Coordinates scholastic eligibility with the Little Scholars Rep. 

Equipment Manger

Coordinates all equipment related responsibilities, including uniform hand out, equipment fittings, replacing or switching out any ill-fitted or broken equipment. Maintains full stock of necessary repair supplies including medical kit. Coordinates equipment return of team at season end.


Tracks playing time to ensure minimum play requirements are met. Checker is positioned on opposing sideline to mark off opponent's minimum plays. Spotter assists opposing team's checker, marking off our team's minimum plays.

Chain Gang (3 volunteers per home game)

Holds line markers on the sidelines for home games. 

Announcer (home games only)

Announces the game from the “booth” at home games.


Time Keeper (home games only)

Runs the game clock with the referee's direction.


Volunteer with medical or emergency response training that assists the sideline staff in addressing the needs of injured players. 

Game Day Water (not on field)

Brings thermos container filled with water to all games. 


Half Time Fruit (not on field)

Brings fruit for half-time snack.

Game Day Ice (not on field)

Brings small cooler filled with ice to games for injuries and for water cooler.

Photographer (optional)

Takes photos of players and coaches during game/ practice

Portable Shade

Brings a portable tent to games.


Scout Video Coordinator (optional)

Makes scout films of upcoming opponents to distribute to the coaches.

Game/Season Video (optional)

Video tapes all games and scrimmages and distributes them to the coaching staff. The coaches and the team will review the film after each game. May put together a team highlight film at the end of the season.

Fundraising Committee 

Field Committee 

"Volunteers do not necessarily have the time;

they just have the heart."

- Elizabeth Andrew

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