Football is a “community” sport. It needs the involvement of all of the families

of all of the players. Even if you don’t know a thing about football, there are

plenty of things that you can do to help. We ask that each family take on

some volunteer responsibility.

Team Parent

Team communications, coordinating game day and kickoff/spirit day event volunteers, coordinate collection of league approved events (ie kick off day tix sales, TPHS opening night w/ TPPW tix, auction basket items, coaches gift funds), plan team party, assist players on the field during games. Maintain communication with parents where coach deems helpful.

Business Manager

All business aspects of team management. Maintaining “THE BOOK” (all league needed participant documents, MPR’S, ), weighing players on game day. Minimum Play counter for your team at games unless assigned to other volunteer. Coordinating grades and eligibility with coaches, parents and Little Scholars Rep (when necessary). Coordinating with coach and team parent on making team run smoothly.

Equipment Manger

Coordinates all equipment related responsibilities. Uniform hand out, equip fittings, replacing or switching out any ill fitted or broken equip. Maintaining full stock of necessary repair supplies including med kit. Coordinating equip return of team at season end.


Tracks playing time to ensure minimum play requirements are met. Checker is positioned on opposing sideline to mark off opponents minimum plays. Spotter calls out player #’s on home team side to Checker sent over from other team. The spotter is usually the Bus. Mgr but not mandatory.

Chain Gang (3 volunteers per home game)

The line marker holders for our home games. You will be on the field.

Announcer (home games only)

Will announce the game from the “booth” at home games.


Time Keeper (home games only)

Will stop and run the game clock as the referee calls it.


Anyone with medical or emergency response training that can assist the sideline staff in addressing the needs of injured players. 

Game Day Water/"Water Boy" (not on field)

Will bring cups and thermos container filled with water to all games. Must be there and set up when team begins pre game warm ups and assist in placing the water when we move to and from the bench.


Half Time Fruit (not on field)

Will bring fruit cut into sections to all games and give to team parent before start of game

Game Day Ice (not on field)

Will bring small cooler filled with ice to games for injuries and for water cooler if needed, give to team parent before game.

Photographer (optional)

Take photos of players and coaches during game/ practice – usually wanted for season ending video

Portable Shade

Bring a portable tent to games.

Post Game Reporter (optional)

In previous seasons, we had a parent who would write a brief summary of our game and submit it with a photo to the local papers (Carmel Valley News, etc.) They all were published and created some fun keepsakes.

Scout Video Coordinator (optional)

Manage the process to hire someone to make scout films of upcoming opponents and coordinate their activities. Ensure they get copies of the video to the coaches. You don’t have to film but you do have to do a lot of coordinating

Game/Season Video (optional)

Will video tape all games and scrimmages and distribute them to the coaching staff. The coaches and the team will review the film (and parents can watch if they are around.) May put together a team highlight film at the end of the season.

"Volunteers do not necessarily have the time;

they just have the heart."

- Elizabeth Andrew

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